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S4: Cancellation

MHDS Specification 4 defines the Cancellation object.

AttributeData TypeDescription
CANCELLATIONStringRandom alphanumeric ID;
imported cancellations’ IDs might be numeric
STAMPString or DatetimeDate & time of booking
DURATIONIntNumber of minutes
USERStringTherapist ID
(references User object)
OFFICEStringOffice ID
CLIENTStringClient ID of primary client;
invoice will be issued to this client
CLIENTSStringComma-delimited list of Client IDs
INVOICEStringInvoice ID
SUPERVISORStringTherapist ID of supervisor
(if applicable)
NOTESStringSee S10.6
ITEMSStringComma-delimited list of Item IDs
ARRIVEDString or Int1 = arrived;
0 = not arrived
ONLINEString or IntSee S10.3
IMPORTEDString or IntSee S10.1 & S10.2